“I have told you a million times, so make this a million and one! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You all really put the icing on the cake by submitting us for the magazine!I’m also looking for a sexy dress to wear with my “something blue” gift.”
— Love, Tiffany & Brazella

Brought my whole vision to life. I loved every bit of it. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. My bouquet was also so beautiful.
— Love, Aleyse Cummings

I wanted to thank you for pulling off my wedding vision! I didn’t get to see all of the until I met with the photographer to review all of the pictures. The layout, the results, everything was just awesome! Thank you so much for taking my ideas and turning them into a sight to behold.
— Love, Rayna & Roderick

I have known the By Nadia Simmone team since we were in college and I was beyond excited when they took on the task of helping me experience the best maternity journey. The team designed and directed my maternity photo shoot, which was an amazing experience. They also took my limited baby shower ideas to the next level for the most elegant and exquisite baby show ever imagined. Furthermore, they helped to design and decorate my daughter’s nursery. By Nadia Simmone was here for my family and I am forever grateful. They were professional, paid attention to detail, and took on each task with kind spirit. Thank you ladies
— Love, Victoria

“The shoot went well! The florals were exactly what I wanted! They truly added to the photos. I appreciate you!
— Love, Mercy Dickson (Emajelle Photography)

Absolutely beautiful flowers and linen!!!! I am so glad my wedding coordinator had this connection.”
— Love, Tarama Walker